There are many people in this life that advise others with limited background experience themselves.


Lesley is totally packed with experience and wisdom. She delivers it in a practical non fluff manner that people can understand easily and is tailored to their specific needs.


Not one for making business seem like a charmed existence or get rich quick she gets down to the nub of what is going on in a business to bring out the best that business can offer. New business is not a problem as she built her business part time from her kitchen table to her own factory running overseas and so can empathise with the problems new businesses face.


She offers handholding to a micro business to guide them to success and helps existing business with feasibility studies to take them to the next level of growth.


Having retrained and honed her skills many times over the years she has learnt one thing that running a business will always follow some main principles if it is to survive.


With over 38 years in business, she has proved that her methods and ideas do work, and her client testimonials speak for her success She has produced work for QVC-Pedigree Pet Foods-Wilkinson-Topshop and numerous others and helped her clients supply Boots-Fenwicks and the National Trust.


She is currently writing some business help books, public speaking to inspire entrepreneurs and guiding students from various universities to start their first businesses.

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  • Lesley is a true Entrepreneur, her knowledge is business is very powerful and she has over 35 years experience especially in Manufacturing. It is an honour to work with Lesley and I would recommend her services to others.
    Anita Francis
    Managing Director at Tivona Wellbeing
  • Over the past 4 months, I have had the pleasure of working with Lesley to develop a business idea for 2018. This is Lesley's strength as an experienced entrepreneur both here and in the Far East. Lesley asks the questions which have to be faced before any idea should be taken to market. She asks the questions 'The TV Dragons would be asking you before they invested...she asks the questions which force you to focus on the details which give you a better chance to be a success. Lesley asks the questions....she also has many of the answers.
    Ernie Boxall
  • Lesley knows a lot about getting your product to market. Beneath the incredible stories is an incredible career with amazing experience. From nut to bolt, zip to stitch and all that has to happen to imagine, create and materialise an idea for a product - Lesley knows exactly where to start. Ask her for a coffee... you’ll know exactly what I mean in minutes.
    Graham Todd
    Spaghetti Agency
  • I recently met Lesley, and from the moment I met her I was immediately drawn to her helpful and friendly personality. She has been described as an “Ideas Catalyst” and I couldn’t have put it better myself. In the time I have known her she has continually supported me, suggesting and giving great and insightful ideas for my business. connected me with fantastic contacts, and helped me look at my business from a completely different angle. She has such an incredible wealth of business experience in so many areas. I can thoroughly recommend Lesley to anyone who needs some help in growing their business and moving forward.
    Alison D'Angelo
    Melton Mowbray
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