Sometimes just knowing what it is you want to do is the hardest part of a business but it is the growth which is more often than not the area people struggle with. Questions such as where do I get sales from , how do I sell, who do I sell too. I have helped business sell their products into small business as well as large. Sometimes a business will have a vision beyond its current reach and this is where I come in. Analyzing how to maximize your current offering or thinking about alternative markets to help you grow. Getting you in front of your ideal client might not happen overnight. Some buyers take time to build up a relationship to create that opportunity to sell in front of. Where I can help is identifying the right areas to focus on and helping you with any contacts I have.



I see so many businesses that struggle when it comes to taking the next step in their business. They are not sure what that means for them or how to achieve the size of business that they want to have and the success that they want this to bring for then. My experience in developing business from just an idea and taking into production and distribution on an International scale are skills and experience that I can bring to your businesses, no matter what size. If you are looking for help with planning how you will take your business to the next level, as well as support and guidance through each step of the process then I would love to have a chat with you to see how I can help.



Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. Throughout my career I have always looked at the costing with a micro management approach. It is something that I have found a lot of entrepreneurial businessess struggle with, especially when working from home. Allocating costs of things like the electricity and heating even though they are part of your domestic bills is something that needs to be factored into each and every quotation / selling price as a cost of sale. I work with businesses to understand these costs and more importantly how to run a business with a profit first mindset in all that you do. There are so many businesses that fail in the first years of trading because they do not have a mindset of profitability.

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